Game Trailers Released This Week

Fable Fortune for Xbox One will release on July 11th

Flaming Fowl Studios has finally announced a release date for its new Fable Fortune. The title is expected to be released for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Stream. Check out the trailer below.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is out now on Xbox One and PC

Today Bethesda Softworks has released The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, worldwide for Xbox One and PC. The game adds a host of new  content for the game’s millions of players. Check out this fantastic game trailer below.

Rocket League will get a new update

In July, it will be two years since the launch of Rocket League, the popular video game of soccer with cars. The update will be on 5th July, until then watch this trailer and enjoy.

Battleborn’s Multiplayer goes free to play for one day

2k and Gearbox Software announced Battleborn’s free trial and a free downloadable multiplayer game.

The Battleborn free trial is available now globally on Steam and Xbox One. Watch the developer overview for more on the gameplay and its characters.

Alien City-Building Simulator Aven Colony will be released in July for Xbox and PC

Team17 and Texas based developer Mothership Entertainment just announced the launch date for their Aven Colony. This game takes place on exotic alien planets. Launching on July 25th on Xbox and PC.

Dirt 4 Game

The race takes place on the toughest roads and circuits across the planet. There are several modes like rally, rallycross and landrush.

Kholat Game

Narrated by one of the popular British actors, Sean Bean and powered by Unreal Engine. Kholat is anexploration based adventure game.

Perception Game

In Perception game you will play as a blind woman. It still remains one of the recommended games and it is definitely interesting take on the first person genre.

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