How Does Technology Addiction Affect And Possible Ways To Overcome It

The benefits of technology to people are numerous. However, uncontrolled and unrestrained use by children and young people; Losses of thought and processes, regression in social development, low self-confidence, high social anxiety level and tendency to aggression were observed.

Researches show that children and young people who spend more time on the internet and are dependent on computer games become increasingly isolated, have difficulty in establishing face-to-face relationships, have impaired mental functions and have problems such as hyperactivity disorder.

What is the technological dependence?

  • Lack of information on uncontrolled use,
  • Not knowing or ignoring the consequences of addiction,
  • Out of curiosity,
  • Dependent friends,
  • Boredom,
  • To obey your friends for fear of exclusion,
  • The problem of how to solve the problem of technology,
  • Not being able to control his impulses,
  • Extreme introversion,
  • Fear of disbelief,
  • The pessimism,
  • From aimlessness,
  • Lack of self-confidence,
  • Not loving life,
  • Inability to socialize,
  • Not knowing yourself and not knowing what they can do in life,
  • It can be the result of trying to achieve success, money, happiness, friendships in the virtual world that cannot be achieved in the real world.

How does technology addicts live?

The person does not even neglect his basic needs and spend all his time at the head of the technological devices. In this case, it brings many problems.

  • Control gets up,
  • The life of the addict becomes poor,
  • Abstinence syndrome,
  • It’s a waste of time,
  • The body is damaged,
  • Emotion is distorted,
  • Lies are said,
  • Psychological development wounds,
  • The food is broken,
  • Functionality is impaired,
  • Sleep patterns are broken,
  • Conflict with people around.

How do I get rid of technology addiction?

  • You must gain new social skills and do sports.
  • You should change the places where the technological devices are widely used and the hours of use should be taken to the opposite hours.
  • You must use the connected technological device for common use with the family.
  • You should ask your family members and friends for help.
  • After the use of mandatory business activity should be planned, technology should set goals for yourself.
  • You should do regular sports and gain new social skills.
  • You should always list the activities you want to do but don’t have time, and try to do it in order.
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