How To Access Android Notifications On PC

There are many Chrome browser extensions which can cast Android mobile screen on PC (and one such extension is Vysor ). Using it you can record your mobile screen on PC easily or share your mobile screen with somebody online, it has many uses. Why we are talking about Vysor because Vysor is similar to this what we are going to talk today.

Crono mobile notifications on browser PC

The add-on (or extension) that we are talking about today is called Crono. Crono is a free Android application cum extension (available for Chrome and Firefox) that lets us view and respond to Android mobile notifications on the browser.

How to use Crono

You need to visit the official site to download the Chrome or Firefox extension then install Crono Android app from Google Play Store on your mobile. Once mobile app is installed, open extension (or addon) on your browser to scan the QR code that is shown to you. After scanning you will receive mobile notifications on your browser.

You also have the options to hide or stop notifications temporarily on your PC. Notifications are received in a non-intrusive way so you have no distractions on your PC.

Download Crono

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