How To Download Amazon Prime Videos To PCs And Laptops

Amazon Prime is a streaming service through which you can watch the latest movies, TV shows, premiere shows, etc. There are other streaming services like Amazon Prime such as Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, etc. You can pay a minimal subscription fee to these streaming services and enjoy whole year watching TV shows and movies.

Everything is fine, watching movies on smart TVs, mobiles, laptops, etc. But we people desire more than what is given to us. Now everybody wants to download these streaming videos to their PCs, laptops, and hard drives for offline viewing to watch it later time. So we see questions from people like:

  • How can I download movies from Amazon Prime to my laptop?
  • How to download Amazon Prime videos to PC?

Well, the answer is quite simple, you can’t download to your PC or laptop. But you can watch them on PC, laptop and even on TV. To watch Amazon Prime videos, movies, TV shows, etc, on TV you need to have Chromecast device which is available in the market at about Rs 2,000.

Can I download Amazon Prime movies on a mobile device?

While you can watch Amazon Prime movies on the go, and on WIFI for offline viewing. But mobile data connections won’t allow you to download large files like movies, TV shows so it is better to download when you are connected to WIFI for offline viewing.

Since downloaded content is encrypted and can only be accessed by the mobile app, the offline content is not available for redistribution. If you think your small mobile screen is not suitable for watching movies, then you can cast it on TV as I said before using a Chromecast device. This way you can watch your favorite movies on the big screen like a TV.

Use screen recording software to record Amazon Prime videos

The only option other than downloading from Amazon Prime website is to record it while it is streaming. You can use free screen recording software to record the videos for distribution. But redistribution of copyrighted video or movies offline is against the law.

There should be no issue if you just want to keep that recorded video for yourself and you can find many free screen recording software to do the job like:

  1. AceThinker: Online screen recording software, which records your system screen for a small duration, not suitable for recording movies.
  2. Icecream Screen Recorder: This recorder is available for both Windows and Mac. There is also a pro version with additional features.
  3. FlashBack Express Screen Recorder: This recorder is available only for Windows users.
  4. TinyTake: This software is a lightweight screen recorder, you don’t find many features. This is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Software To Download Amazon Prime Videos

Since not many have tried this software nobody knows if it works fine with Amazon Prime and they say this software is capable of downloading FLV video including audio from the streaming websites. They have also given us some screenshots of movies downloaded form HULU on their website. If you are in dire need of downloading movies you can use GetFLV software to download movies to your PCs, laptops easily.

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