How To Get Verified Badge On Popular Social Sites Like Instagram, Facebook And Twitter

A few years back people with a large number of followers, celebrities, politicians, popular figures, only used to get verified badges on social sites. But recently social sites also have changed their move and now they allow everyone to apply to get a badge on their accounts. The blue verified badge lets people know that this person or page is authentic and genuine.

Today we will see some steps to follow in order to get a verified badge for your account. The decision is up to the social sites to grant you the verified badge. We just give you some steps to be followed.


During the initial days, Instagram used to give verified badge only by contacting the people via email having the most number of followers (and not bots), celebrities, like that. But this has changed now, everyone with some sort of popularity can apply for the verified badge on Instagram through Instagram’s verification form.

This kind of move will considerably reduce the stress on Instagram to look for people on their network as day by day new people are getting popularity on different sectors and it is difficult to monitor all these people getting popularity.

If you are sure that you have real people following and aren’t robots, having a huge number of followers then you can apply for the verified badge.

How to apply and get verified on Instagram

Doing this is dead simple, there are no long procedures and some extra requirements like that.

  1. To apply go to your Instagram profile > Settings and then tap “request verification.”
  2. Then you will need to give your account name, full name, and business ID.
  3. After some days Instagram will notify you of the approval status.


Getting verified badge on Facebook is determined by factors like public interest, policy compliance, and account completeness. They usually give verified badge to public figures, brands and media organizations.

How to apply and get verified on Facebook

To get a verified badge you need to link your Facebook Page to your official websites, Instagram or Twitter accounts. You need to have a page that must comply with Facebook terms of service and have the following:

  • A cover photo
  • A profile photo
  • A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines
  • Follow enabled (profiles only)
  • Content posted to the account

You can submit a request by filling out this form. Additionally, it is required to submit your photo identification for example passport, driver’s license, so on. You can also add additional information and why you should get verified badge in a few sentences. You should not submit your request more than once. If your request is denied then you can submit a new request after 30 days.


Twitter allows anyone to get verified badge simply by filling out a form requesting consideration as a verified user and getting their phone number and email address verified with current information in your profile.

How to apply and get verified on Twitter

  1. Your profile must be with correct information with a profile photo, cover photo, name, website, and bio.
  2. Your phone number and email address must be confirmed.
  3. Add your birthday.
  4. Your tweets must be public
  5. Fill out the verification form.

If you are applying for verification of public profile then you need to submit your copy of photo ID like passport or driver’s license. If you don’t get approved you can try after 30 days.


Hope now you know how to get a verified badge on your social account without any difficulty. The rules of these sites might change at any moment so follow official sites to know more about current requirements.

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