How to increase or decrease the volume level of mp3 song files

Sometimes when we download mp3 files from the Internet we get different volume levels. Some mp3 files come with a low volume level and some with the high volume level. Adjusting the volume level of mp3 is possible with audio software. But what if you can do it online without downloading or installing any audio software.

Today we are going to talk about how to increase or decrease the volume level of mp3 files using an online tool, called MP3 Louder. It is a recommended tool especially if you want to increase or decrease the volume level of mp3 files.

How to use MP3 Louder

Usage is simple, the website has a form with different options. You need to submit the form to get the normalized mp3 file to download. First, you need to select the mp3 file on your system and choose the action whether to increase or decrease the volume. Next, choose any value between 1 to 50 decibels, but the website has recommended 3 decibels. Next, choose the channel ie left channel or right channel. At last click upload to upload the mp3 file to the website for normalization process. You should not close the browser window during this process.

After the process is completed you will be given a link to download the normalized mp3 file. MP3 Louder service is free and does not require any registration.

Link: MP3 Louder

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