How To Keep Track Of Changes Made In Profiles Of Your Twitter Followers

We can keep following one’s tweets on Twitter but there was no tool that keeps track of changes made in the Twitter profile. If you are the person who wants to know the changes made on your favorite celebrity profile, friends profile, family members profile, etc when their status changes then you are at right place.

Meet the Spoonbill, a tool that keeps track of changes made in profiles of users that you follow on Twitter. That is, it tracks the bio of your followers and rest of the information such as websites, locations, and names.

spoonbill website timeline

Using this tool is like stalking people on Twitter. A small change in a bio of your follower can alert us to many things. Suppose we follow many people on the Twitter like friends, family, public figures, celebrities, so no, that we admire, any changes in their profile bio can alert us.

Spoonbill is a favorite tool to find very immediate and important changes in the lives of the people you follow or the companies and brands on Twitter.

spoonbill email digest

How To Use Spoonbill

  • You register in Spoonbill simply by connecting your Twitter account.
  • Spoonbill will take a look at all the people you follow.
  • This tool checks every couple of minutes to see if there are any changes made in profile information.
  • If someone changes something, they record it.
  • They send you an email with a list of changes every day or once per week.

In addition to viewing email for the list of changes you can go to their website and see a history of changes made by your followers.

Spoonbill is completely free, and it gives you more info about your followers if you are an active participator on Twitter.

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