How To Make Your Windows PC Shutdown When Clicked On An Icon

Creating a shutdown shortcut sounds silly considering the normal way to shutdown is easy and simple enough. So, why do it then? Ah well, let’s see.. it’s cool, unique and oh don’t forget fun!

Here I’m going to show how to create a shutdown shortcut on our desktop disguised by any icon of our choice. Think of how confused your friends will be if your PC shutdowns when they clicked the browser icon?! That’s a prank worth trying.

Here are the steps for creating Shutdown shortcut :

  1. Navigate to the desktop.
  2. Right click on the desktop and select New -> Shortcut. A shortcut menu appears.
  3. Type shutdown /s /t 000 in the location box and hit Next. Here 000 is the countdown time or timer in second.
  4. Enter a name for the shortcut and click Finish. A new shortcut will appear on your desktop.
  5. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties. A dialog box appears.
  6. Click Change Icon under the Shortcut tab, then Click OK in warning box that says “shutdown.exe contains no icons”.
  7. Select an Icon from the list of available images or click browse and select any other icon of your choice by going to the preferred icon location. Click OK twice (once to close the Change Icon window and once to close Properties window). Your shortcut will now have an icon.

The above steps are the basic way. But if we want to prank our friends, we will need to be a little creative. We can make comments appear on our monitor before shutting down by changing up just a little in Step 3. Instead of just typing simply “shutdown /s /t 000, type shutdown /s /c “####” /t 010where #### is the comment we want it to display before shutting down. You can shorten or lengthen the timer duration as preferred.

NOTE : You can abort your PC from shutting down by Opening Command prompt and typing shutdown /a” within the timer limit.

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