How To Protect Your Android Browser With Passcode Or Fingerprint Protection

Well to say, there is no app to protect Android web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. with a passcode or fingerprint protection. But there are new and intuitive apps coming to the Play Store every day. And one of them is Surfy Browser.

In the past, we have talked about a new intuitive browser called Cake Browser. Which gave you different ways to browse through the tabs. Now we are talking about a different browser that provides passcode and fingerprint protection for its user.

Apart from these two features, other features like full-screen browsing, ad-blocking, text-to-speech, menu customizations, etc. are also provided. Text-to-speech feature is the most liked by its users. If you like reading out web pages loud then this is the browser you should be looking at.

One should definitely try this browser once and then decide whether to continue with this or not.

Download from Play Store

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