How To Schedule YouTube Videos Digest Notifications To Certain Time On YouTube App

As we all know YouTube is the second largest social website on the planet after Facebook in terms of total length of usage. It is the second most used search engine after its parent company search engine. Day by day new features are getting added to social websites and YouTube is one of them.

Schedule YouTube Videos Digest in YouTube App

Generally when we subscribe to any channel and bell icon is clicked then we will get notifications whenever that YouTube channel posts a video. But for some reason, if you don’t like those notifications to be sent to your phone all the time or it is just distracting you from doing work. Then you can set the new video notifications to appear at a certain time you choose.

This seems like a good idea especially if you don’t want them to distract you when you are at work. Let’s see how to schedule new video digest in the YouTube app on your phone. The steps involved in this is the same for both Android and iPhone users.

1. In YouTube app tap on the profile picture on the top right side.

YouTube app front page

2. Next tap on the Settings.

Tap on Settings from the Account menu

3. Next tap on the Notifications.

Tap on Notifications from Settings menu

4. In Notifications menu you will find Scheduled digest, enable it by using toggle button.

Tap on Scheduled digest and use toggle button

5. Now tap on the Scheduled digest and choose the desired delivery time you would like to receive the new video notifications.

Choose the desired time to receive YouTube digest

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