How To Take Hi-Resolution Screenshots Of YouTube Videos

Taking a screenshot of the YouTube video is somewhat tricky, if you make any mistake you will end up either with YouTube UI or those gradients at the top and bottom in your screenshot. Fortunately, there is a Chrome extension that solves this problem.

Meet the extension named Screenshot YouTube, that captures screenshot from the video itself. This way the screenshot remains to be in high quality and without the YouTube user interface.

It adds Screenshot button on the YouTube player itself, right next to the Settings gear as shown in the picture below.

Screenshot YouTube Chrome Extension

While taking a screenshot just pause the YouTube video and click on the Screenshot button to take a high-resolution picture from the video. The extension saves the image in PNG format, JPEG is not supported as of now.

The size of the PNG image will be from 2-5MB so be sure to compress the image before you upload it to any website.

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