How To Install Chrome Extensions In Opera Browser

Opera is one of the best browsers on the web and yet only few people use it compared to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. But Opera is a great option that can easily become your default browser with in no time.

Most of the users use Google Chrome as their default browser, may be because of its fast response, lightweight and vast number of powerful extensions in Web Store. But in Opera you can use all the extensions of Chrome without any problems.

Install extensions in Opera directly from Chrome Web Store

Like Chrome Web Store, Opera has its own library of add-ons, from there you can download extensions designed for browser. But, you can also go to Chrome Web Store and install any extension you want. To do that you have to do the following steps.


Open Opera and install Download Chrome Extension from the Opera add-ons store. Once this is done, you can install any extension for Chrome in Opera directly from the Chrome Web Store.


With this extension active, you can see that “Install” button on Chrome Web Store is changed to “Add to Opera” button.

It doesn’t matter if you install an extension from Opera store or Chrome Web Store, the behavior is same.

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