How To Launch Chrome Faster Even If Set To Open Previous Tabs

If you set your Chrome browser to open all your previous open tabs it might take forever to start. Especially if you had 10 or more open tabs. The problem is that Chrome starts loading all tab at once, which can make it slow and non-responsive. A new extension Native Lazy Tabs helps you fix this problem.

Native Lazy Tabs loads the tab that is currently in focus and all other remaining tabs are not loaded but will load when you switch to them. This behavior was first introduced in Opera last October.

Native Lazy Tabs is a simple extension, there are no options to tweak, you just install it.

To test if the extension is working, start the Chrome and press Shift + Esc to launch Chrome’s Task Manager. You will find that only current tab is listed. The other tabs are still available but not listed. They show up when you switch to them.

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