Log Out Of All Popular Websites At Once Using Logify

Sometimes we tend to forget things on the web like log out of the websites and we simply close the tab or browser. And most of the times that websites remain signed in for days and weeks. And our personal information will be all in the open.

If this is the case for most of the websites that you visit and sign in then there is a way to log out of all those websites at once with the click of a button. But here not all websites are supported but only a few popular ones you can find.

Logify website screenshot

Today we are talking about a service called Logify, which is a free online service that when used will sign out of popular websites at once. The service does not require any permission or any sort of special things like that, and most of all it is free for everyone to use.

How to use Logify

Using Logify is very easy: simply visit the website and click on the big button to sign out of supported website accounts.

As of now, Logify supports WordPress, Wikipedia, Myspace, The New York Times, Tumblr, YouTube, Soundcloud, Amazon, Vimeo, Skype, Netflix, Google, Google Drive, Office 365, and Dropbox. More websites and services will be added in the future.

Logify simply works by allowing iframes which initiates the logout process. Or you can also do it by simply removing the cookies that are handling the sessions.

The Logify service can be used to log out of websites but if there is a way to select the websites to sign out would be even better. Even though it is a better and interesting service which needs more websites to be added.

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