How To Mass Unfollow Or Follow Everyone On Twitter

Are you looking for the best ways to remove everyone in your Twitter followers list? Or just might be thinking to mass follow some new users? Whatever it might be there are couple of working methods which might be helpful to you. But most of these free methods will take time if you are already following several thousands of users.

There are several methods to unfollow users on Twitter, some involve using extensions while others simple use jQuery script on the client side to achieve the results.

Without Using Any Extensions

Well, with this trick you can unfollow all users automatically from your followers list. All you need is a small script and a button.

This method was originally shared by Twitter user called Ryan Block a few years ago, but it still works

twitter user Ryan Block

You should not have any problems with this script even if you don’t know the scripting language, just follow the instructions and you are good to go.

1. First you must go to and open the list of people you follow.

2. Next go to bottom of the page until all the users are loaded in that page.

3. Once you have reached the end of the page open console in your browser. I am using Chrome browser so Ctrl + Shift + i will open the console. Enter this code:

$('.js-follow-btn').each(function(){ $(this).trigger('click'); }); 

For any reason if the above code does not work you can try the following code.


Just copy and paste this code in console.

Once it gets executed you should see something similar to this screenshot below.

Chrome console errors

If you do not want to use this method, as this method seems some what geeky, not all can understand and can do it. Instead you can use helpful extensions to mass unfollow users.

Using Extensions

1. Twitter unfollow

Twitter unfollow Chrome extension

You can mass unfollow everyone on Twitter with a single click using this extension called Twitter unfollow. Just visit followers page you will see a button named Mass Unfollow.

2. Mass follow for Twitter

Mass follow for Twitter is another extension for Twitter with which we can follow all or unfollow all with the click of a button. On the followers page you will see two buttons follow all and unfollow all, use these button to achieve your task.

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