Microsoft Introduces Native Ad Blocker In Edge For Android

Other browsers are very far away from the Edge browser when it comes to features they has to offer. Almost all the top contenders have already introduced their own native ad blockers in to their browsers. At least now Microsoft considered its importance and included an ad blocker in Edge for Android.

But still the ad blocker is in testing phase and it comes to stable version in the near future. Microsoft has been little bit slow in introducing innovative features but surely catching up with the rest. Now the users of Edge browsers don’t have to use third party ad blockers, as it get incorporated into it in the coming stable version.

To block ads Microsoft used the services of Adblock Plus, a very popular adblocking software. This software is considered to be very aggressive in blocking advertisements when compared to other ad blockers.

When you see Google Chrome, it blocks ads that do not comply with policy imposed by that company, and does not block all advertisements unlike Adblock Plus. As this approach is not going to harm many Adsense publishers who are making their earning through ads on their websites.

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