Mobile Browser That Gives New Search Experience

Cake Browser, a new web browser for mobile devices has been launched recently, which differs with existing mobile web browsers in the way it allows user to view search results. It is mainly based on searches.

Although it is not a search engine, searches are done with Google and Bing services.

When you install Cake Browser for the first time, it will ask you to choose between Google and Bing search engine. The next it asks you to perform your first search.

Apart from browsing traditionally, Cake Browser will provide search results in the form of tabs with web pages loaded in it. You can swipe left to see the next search result ie new tab with content loaded.

Cake Browser will load content for the first three tabs (or results) and will load the rest of the tabs as user moves tabs from right to left.

Cake Browser also provides other features such as categories, for performing search in that category. The categories are videos, news, images and purchases. In these categories you can adjust the tabs to see results from your favorite websites first.

For example, if you perfrom search on video category then you can adjust websites to show first like set YouTube first, second Vimeo, third Dailymotion, so on.

Since last October Cake Browser is only available in Australia and Taiwan. But now it is available globally for Android and iOS devices.

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