Monument Valley 2 arrives by Surprise at the App Store

The puzzle game that was released in back 2014, has now released a sequel on the same day without any notice.

Back when Monument Valley was released in back 2014 it had a major impact on the mobile gaming industry. The stylized graphics, immersive music and gameplay for mobile screens was recognized as the best mobile game of the year.

Despite its success, the Ustwo Game Studio, the mind behind the game, never talked about their plans to make a sequel for the game. But they continued to create other projects for mobile platforms. The Monument Valley 2 release came as a surprise to the people and it can be purchased from the Apple application store from today.

The sequel has a new story, with two new characters: Ro and his daughter, who must travel through a series of architecturally  impossible constructions to reach end of the game.

The game can be purchased for $5. You can watch their launch trailer below.

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