Nike Adapt Smartphone Controlled Self Lacing Basket Ball Shoe

Nike Adapt BB Shoe.

Nike has launched self-lacing trainers, which fit themselves to the shape of the foot and are controlled via a smartphone and will be available in the market next month. The latest version, called Nike Adapt which will cost $350 and will not require a physical button to activate the laces.

Using a power lacing system called Fit Adapt, users can customize the fit and control it through a smartphone app which will store fit preferences. They can input different fit settings for different moments in the game, loosening it for a timeout and tightening before they re-enter the game. The app will also store the data, which athletes can choose to share with Nike.

When they step into the shoe, a custom motor and gear will sense the tension needed by the foot and adjust accordingly.

Nike Adapt BB shoe Lacing System

The upper’s outer black shell is made of high-tenacity Flyknit material, also seen in many other Nike shoes till date. The inner white shell is a QuadFit mesh for a fit that adapts to the contours of the foot, for a snug fit. The mid-sole features cushion foam, which doesn’t need any unnecessary boost for cushioning comfort as well as responsiveness to every foot landing and movement.

Customization is another key feature of the Adapt BB shoe. On that front, there are two LEDs on the bottom of each shoe, and the lighting colors for these can also be customized using the Nike Adapt app.

With a smart shoe comes new responsibilities — like having to charge the shoes every 10-14 days via a charging pad that comes with the shoes. While the shoes work without a phone (you can adjust using the buttons), a smartphone is required to get that perfect fit and customization.

This reminded me of “Back to the Future” Nike jacket that adjusts automatically. And I’m definitely buying one of those if it ever comes out!

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