No VLC! Use Soda Player To Automatically Download Subtitles

Update: Having issues with downloading subtitles in Soda Player? Use Caption to download subtitles for any movie or TV show. Just drag and drop the movie file into the Caption app and subtitle will be downloaded automatically.

Do you watch most of the movies downloaded from torrent files? Then you must try this new Soda Player. It has got all the needed features for the guys who are downloading and watching movies on their PCs (it has also got Mac version).

Do you know, unlike most media players Soda Player has got some unique features which makes it the most useful player right now. It has a simple interface, elegant features, and fast response. What makes it stand out is that –

Soda Player plays BitTorrent and Magnet Links directly and instantly

That’s right, Soda Player can take any torrent file or magnet link from the web and start playing it, without having to wait for the whole file to download and finish. It uses SOCKS5 proxy to give you excellent high performance while downloading a torrent file. You can also use this feature to protect your privacy.

Soda Player automatically downloads subtitles in any language

You don’t have to deal with websites to download subtitles. Soda Player does it automatically, all you have to do is just select the language in which should be displayed.

Blue Valentine movie with English subtitles in Soda Player

Soda Player works with Chromecast and Apple TV

This is the latest feature as far as I know that made circles on the web. With this feature, you can cast any video from Soda Player to your TV including subtitles.

The application is said to be free at the moment but in future Proxy service may be stripped out of the free player and will be added as paid service. The rest of the features will remain free for life.

Can not be installed on the Mac?

If you have problems installing Soda Player on your Mac, just go to Applications folder right click then open and finally Open again to open it.

This is due to how Apple manages security in MacOS, preventing the execution of a certain type of files that are not registered with Apple.

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