How to Open/Unblock in your Country is a popular paid url shortner service on the web, it had been there for almost more than 5 years.

For those who are new to this service, let me explain you how it works. It’s very simple, you shorten the link with url shortner and share it on web. Whenever somebody clicks on this link then they will be shown some advertisement for 10 seconds. They can skip this advertisement after 10 seconds with button on the top toolbar that says Skip this ad. Now you earn some money because somebody viewed advertisement by clicking on your link. did become very popular during early days of its launch. Many people signed up for this service and used them on different platforms on the web. But because it made money as well as some people used it for phishing, hacking and other activities. was banned is some countries, because you never know which site link is going to open, it may be harmful to your system.

Still in some countries many people are using it. And you can see their earning posted on forums.

Open/Unblock in your country

In countries like India is blocked but still you can open it using some tools. You can check your earnings or you can open any short url without any issues. All you need is a TunnelBear like VPN chrome extension.


Simply install the TunnelBear Chrome extension and click on the TunnelBear icon on the Chrome extension bar then click on connect button to start your browsing session using TunnelBear VPN.

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If you want to use Firefox browser still you can visit site using TunnelBear VPN software. Install TunnelBear software and activate it.

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