Opera 51 – 38% Faster Than Firefox Quantum 58

Last year we have seen Mozilla release its new Firefox Quantum 56 browser which had revolutionized the browser market and remained the top browser with blazing speed till now. But Opera 51 directly challenges the latest version of Firefox by offering a better and faster browsing experience for users.

Is Opera 51 faster than Firefox Quantum 58? Does this mean we have to shift from Firefox Quantum 58 to Opera 51?

In a blog entry Opera developers had claimed that new version, based on Chromium 64, is 38% faster than Firefox Quantum 58. The tests were performed on HP Specter with Windows 10

Opera 51 And Its New Features

Opera 51 is added with a feature that allows users to scroll back to top comfortably on infinite scroll pages (like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc). That is we can get to the beginning of the page after we have scrolled through the page having infinite scroll just by clicking on the browser tab.

we just have to click on the tab to get to the top of any web page. The best part is that if we click again it will take us to the exact point where we were.

opera51 Scrolltop

Opera 51 comes with another new feature, set desktop background wallpaper as background for Speed Dial.

opera51 Desktop Wallpaper

The design of the private navigation in Windows which used to be classic static image is replaced by an animation.

opera51 PrivateMode

Opera 51 also comes with video pop-out feature. You will be able to pop-out video from your browser and then add back to tab easily.

opera51 VideoPopOut

Opera 51 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and you can download from here.

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