PAKO 2 Police Car Game: Escape From Police And Pursuits Continue

PAKO 2 is a like a racing game in which you have to escape from the police on the streets to survive for as long as possible.

PAKO 2 has minimal graphics, the game starts with player escorting criminals following indicator to a place away from the police. For every successful escape or escort player will be given money, with the money earned player can unlock new places and armed vehicles to use in the pursuits.

Levels are very long and controls are simple, press left and right of the display to steer and press on the both sides to brake and reverse. Playing the game is not easy reaching the destination is a bit hard as the difficulty of the game is quite high. Game also offers the opportunity to play with friends and other players from all over the world.

PAKO 2 is available for Android for free supported by advertisements.

Android || IOS

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