Pressure.js – Javascript Library For Handling 3D Touch and Force Touch

Pressure.js is a Javascript library for handling 3D Touch, Force Touch and Pointer Pressure on the web. All these features are bundled into one single library with a simple api that makes working with them painless.

pressurejs Handling 3D Touch and Force Touch

1. Different devices implement force differently from one another. Pressure.js has a simple to use API that works on all devices.

2. Pressure.js can be to determine if a user is using a force on sensitive device.

3. Pressure.js can handle multiple finger touch.

4. You can use polyfill to mimic a force sensitive device if you dont have one.

Device Support:
– Microsoft Surface, Wacom Tablets
– iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus
– Macbook 2015 and Macbook Pro 2015
– Magic Trackpad 2
– iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

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