Revive Old Post–Automatically Share Old Blog Posts On Social Networks

When you look at blogging we can easily forget about sharing our old blog posts especially when your blog has a large number of posts. It’s a good idea to share  (or promote) old blog posts on social networks to drive more traffic and also to get more exposure to the old blog posts on social networks.

Today we are going to see how we can automate the process of sharing or promoting old blog posts on social networks. When you look at the available WordPress plugins we can find one plugin that does the job beautifully, called Revive Old Post.

Revive Old Post (formerly known as Tweet Old Post) is a free WordPress plugin (also has pro version) that automates the process of promoting old blog posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Tumblr at regular intervals of time.

All you have to do is setup the plugin and forget. It does all the work for you, without doing much hard work it will help your blog get instant traffic from social networks.

Free Features List

When you look at free features list most of the options are free to use (you can see the screenshots below). Only a few options are left for premium pro version, like scheduling the post, using more than 2 social networks, so on.

  • Full Control over social shares: Revive Old Post gives complete control over what is shared on social network. From titles of the posts, including a hashtag, mention a @username, to adding custom additional text.
  • Track clicks on social shares: Revive Old Post allows you to track your social shares with the help of Google Analytics Campaign Tracking. So that you can see popular posts which are generating traffic for your blog.
  • Shorten your post permalink: Revive Old Post has built-in URL shortener to shorten your links before sharing it on social networks.
  • Share your post more than once: Don’t let your blog posts sit quietly on your blog. Revive Old Post allows you to share your old blog posts multiple times, over and over again.

Pro Features List

Pro version of this plugin Revive Old Post lets you share posts on more than 2 platforms, i.e. on multiple social networking sites. Going to pro version will allow you to unlock all features and get maximum benefit out of it.

Pro features include:

  • Sharing Custom Post Types.
  • Attach images to social shares.
  • Use Custom fields, Tags or Categories as hashtags.
  • Use multiple social accounts.

Pro Version Pricing:

Pricings are subject to change periodically so this screenshot is not the final price. You must always check the actual website for pricing.

Revive Old Post price tables

Plugin Screenshots

You will get more idea on what this plugin offers apart from what we have mentioned in this post. You can see some of the additional features which we have not mentioned in this post.

[lightgallery images=”1673,1674,1675,1676,1677,1678,1679"]


Revive Old Post plugin has some good number of settings which are easy to understand and easy to configure. It is a great WordPress plugin for any blogger who wants to drive more traffic to their blogs. And you should start using it today to promote your own blog posts. I have been using it since a long time and it gave me a good experience. If you have multiple accounts to share better go for pro version.

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