Save Time Switching Between Tabs With This Extension For Chrome

If you have lots of tabs opened in your browser while browsing then finding a particular tab is very difficult. To make things easier even in this kind of situations you need to use a free extension called Saka.

Saka will make things easier when you have a lot of tabs opened and people will definitely love this extension functionality.

Ideal when you have dozens of open tabs

Saka as its creators’ claim it is smart, fast and intuitive tab finder.

Saka extension switching between tabs

Once installed you can use the keyboard combination (CTRL + Space in Windows and ALT + Space in Mac OS) to open the Saka launcher. Apart from searching tabs by the title it can also search recently closed tabs, favorites, and URL.

If you frequently do research on different topics on the web then opening new tabs won’t be new to you then this extension will definitely be useful switching between tabs.

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