How to Select the Best Headphones for You

The headphones now come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and majorly it has three types such as in-Ear, On-Ear and Over-Ear headsets. All these types have some variation in their models of sizes and characteristics.

In-Ear Headphones

It also called as earbuds. It is the small type of headphones and very cheap to buy. And the quality of sound depends on how much you spend because when you purchase low-quality headphone while you travel long journey and flying it may get damaged. These headsets are light in weight and portable because the drivers are small and enclosures are not very large and help to avoid noises over you. It is comfortable to wear.

It made mainly from plastic, rubber, and silicone. It mainly made for iPod and all type of MP3 players. It is helpful for a lot of applications. Usually, this earphone provides bad sound, so for getting a good sound effect you need to spend more money. Some headsets offer good noise isolation and able to reduce outside noise without using any special algorithm or noise cancellation gadgets. It provides less comfortable for listening songs long hours at a time.

Good Noise Isolation

You can take it into your pockets and also in your small slot of your bag. The sound quality is good compared to over-ear and on-ear headsets. It was producing minimal bass and inserted fully and correctly. The sound directly passed through your ears and it applied a pressure straightly to your ear canal. Using in a library or an office is perfect. The sound quality is various from the headset to headset. The audio quality depends on your headphones. It has an ultra-portable design. Compared to on-ear and over-ear it provides the better noise isolation, portable and avoids leakage of sound. But it is not much comfortable. It is good for gym peoples compared to other headphones.

On-Ear Headphone

The headphones differ from their cost. Many numbers of versatile headsets are available over there their size and capabilities. It compacts typically in design and not has a bulky design. It is portable you may take it into your bag in your long travel. It does not have a noise cancellation. It permits a surrounding noise to hear. It can submerge you in your tunes as still being awake of your environment.


It is uncomfortable to wear long period but compared to in-ear it is good. It directly put on your ears and drives your ears down so that it may cause some problems. When you use high-end designs, it provides good padding to avoid these issues.

The sound quality is not better than over-ear headsets. It is more compact and easy to carry rather than over-ear headsets. The audio quality depends on manufacturer and size of the headphones. The headset has some weight compared to in-ear headphone.

Over-the-Ear Headphones

These types of headsets also called as circumaural. It is easy to wear and is better padded. These earphones are much bulkier, and it occupies the larger volume of an area rather than all type of headphones. It isolates you from the outside noise and provides the better noise cancelling isolation, the efficiency of this headset depends on the manufacturer.  It has the advanced features of hi-fidelity sound. These are not highly portable. It’s not suitable when you were flying or long travel.

Best Comfortable

The Over-the-ear headphones are more comfortable, so as it becomes more popular.  It has much noise rejection with closed-back headphones, but it varies from model to model. If you like to buy best sounding headphones, over-the-ear headphones are a good choice to take. It offers the best level of noise isolation compared to On-ear and In-ear headphones, and it makes a good seal over your ears. Many models come with Bluetooth that offers you to listening to the music wirelessly. The standard length of the cable is 3.5mm. The sound is not good.

It has the significant drivers which may acquire pretty loud. When the seal is not good, they quickly leak a better range of frequencies than all types of headsets. If you are looking for comfortable headsets, select the Over-the-Ear headphones. If you look for portable headsets, choose the In-Ear headphones.

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