Station – Free Software To Manage More Than 300 Essential Web Applications

I haven’t found any application like this before in the recent years. It’s really needed for web developers who are in need of web apps that minimize their work. This web app manager called as Station which contains more than 300 most popular web apps used by all of us.

Station webapp manager windows software

Station has all these web apps perfectly organised by category and an easy to find search engine to find our favourite app.

Features of Station:
1. Free software to access and manage all web applications.
2. Database consists of 300 popular and very useful web applications.
3. We can easily add new web apps and remove existing web apps.
4. Integrated search engine to find any webapp instantly.
5. Web applications sorted by category.

You can install Station like any other application in Windows. For the first time you need to login with Google account. You can access Gmail, Calender and Google Drive from the same application.

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