How To Submit Same Post Twice In Indiblogger IndiVine

Indiblogger is an Indian blog directory and community, where people share their blogs, blog posts, ideas, talk to each other and they do lot more. When it comes to IndiVine there we submit our blog posts for interested people to read and also to get some traffic to our blogs, also to get noticed by the community there.

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Submit Same Post Twice In Indiblogger IndiVine

While people submit their posts on IndiVine, there are some restrictions like only one blog post can be submitted. I found a way to bypass this restriction and you can submit same blog post two times in different categories in IndiVine. This is possible only for WordPress blogs, and is not be possible with Blogger Blogspot blogs.

All you have to do is install a WordPress plugin called Bring Back the Get Shortlink Button. This plugin will generate a short link for your blog post and can be found in the post editor page beside permalink field.

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Use this short link to submit your blog post on Indiblogger IndiVine. Didn’t get the point? Let me explain it clearly. As IndiVine accepts links pointing from your own domain (so that you cannot submit any links other than your domain), you can submit your blog post with original permalink URL. Next you can also use this short link to submit same post once again in different category. As this short link also starts with your domain name IndiVine accepts it as a URL coming from your domain.

One thing I forget to mention you can also submit forum links in Indivine if you are running forum inside your WordPress site, Indivine will accept them.

That is how you submit same URL twice in Indiblogger IndiVine. Hope you got the point and let your blog get more traffic with this trick. Let me know what you think of this hack in the comments.

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