Surface Laptop is almost impossible to repair or update without damaging it

If you buy the Surface Laptop better that it does not fail because you cannot repair it without damaging it.

I think you know of iFixit, a company that completely disarms newly announced products to see the extent of repair that can be done and one of the latest analysis they did was disarming of the new Surface Laptop of Microsoft. The result was worst and forced to think twice before buying it.

When iFixit disarms a product it offers a rating according to the degree of repair done on the product that goes from zero to ten and the Surface Laptop got a Zero! According to the report the laptop is assembled almost completely with glue and essential parts like the CPU or memory are soldered to the motherboard, which does not allow to update with better CPU or more memory in future.

iFixit is very clear in its final opinion: “This laptop is not meant to be opened or repaired. You can not disarm it without inflicting much damage.”

Here is the disarmed video of Surface Laptop:

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