Take Your Selfies To Next Level By Printing Them In 3D

Now you can take your selfies to the next level thanks to the company called Doob and its 3D printing technology. In the video below you will see the process, you get into the photo booth, stand still for a few seconds and it will take pictures of you from all possible angles.

doob 3d selfies 3

Now you can see the 3D model on a computer to see if you like it or repeat the process until you like it. Once you are clear, the images will be created thanks to the magic of 3d printers. In 2 or 3 week you will have your 3D reproduction of your image.

doob 3d selfies 1

doob 3d selfies 2

At the moment the company has stores open in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you go to one of these places you know where to find these stores and what to add to your sightseeing. Meanwhile go through the Doob website to learn more about the process.

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