The Best Tricks To Save Battery In Our Mobile

Batteries in smartphones can be a complete headache since they can be consumed before the end of the day. All components of a device devour the load slowly or quickly. A very common problem is that we have to charge the mobile every 12 to 24 hours, depending on the device. Today we are going to give you several tricks that you should keep in mind if you want to extend the life of your smartphone.

Turn off the GPS of your mobile:

The phones have a tool that knows the positioning of the device and is a power queue. The GPS antenna is an option that always remains active, although it remains in the status until some application needs to know your location. Either way, it consumes a lot of energy in the background and if it’s not something you need, turn it off.

Do not use so many Widgets:

It is true that Widgets are very cool and those of meteorology or news, keep us alert of what happens. However, they require an Internet connection to keep the data updated. Therefore, it will be transmitting information constantly and that leads to an expense in the battery.
The vibration consumes a lot of battery: Ideally, we keep the phone in tone, unless we really need the vibration function. This option consumes much more battery than the normal tone or the silent mode. It is also important that you deactivate the vibration of your keyboard or the tactile response of the floating buttons.

Use original chargers:

An error that many people make is that they charge the phone with any charger and the truth is that they are doing damage to the battery. It is important that you charge your phone with the original charger or one compatible with the charging technology of the device. Remember that each company has its own charging technology and can damage your mobile if it is not compatible.
Do not use so much the screen of your mobile: Another important point is that we configure the screen of the mobile so that it turns off after several seconds of not being used. Ideally, do not last so long to turn off, but do not establish a very fast shutdown time. An average user looks at the minimum mobile screen about 150 times a day, so it is a vital point to save battery life.

Use the energy-saving modes:

Most brands like Sony or Samsung include in some of their terminals energy saving modes that are quite useful. Ideal for occasions where you do not need to constantly use the device. In case your mobile does not have this tool, you can use airplane mode as a substitute.
Disables gestural commands: Manufacturers usually incorporate gestures and other commands for quick access to functions or applications. If you really do not use these gestures you can deactivate them since they consume a lot of battery waiting for you to use them well.

Be alert for automatic brightness:

Automatic brightness can be a double-edged sword since the function can consume more energy than necessary. Sometimes the option can raise the brightness to the maximum even if there is good ambient light. Ideally, you adjust the brightness of the screen manually.

Turn off connectivity you do not use:

Connections like Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and more, consume power when you’re not using them. For those who always stay at home, it is ideal to have the Wi-Fi active and put it in sleep mode instead of activating it and deactivating it.

The last recommendation is to keep the mobile always updated and also all applications. The updates always bring optimizations, new functions and usually save battery.

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