The Best Way to Create a Video for Free – FlexClip

The graphic image & video is an important part of our digital life. Proof of this is the huge success of Facebook, full of photographs of our friends, Instagram, with photos of all kinds in addition to food and cats, or YouTube, the largest portal where to share and watch videos. In the case of video, we have seen that from YouTube you can create your own videos. This time I want to talk about FlexClip, a web tool to create a video that offers impressive results and share it with your friends.

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The advantages of using FlexClip to create video are those that you have already read in countless articles where they have talked about web applications: it works from any computer connected to the Internet, directly from the browser, without installing additional applications and also consumes less resource of your team.

In addition, as FlexClip particularities, it is designed for all types of users, from amateur video amateurs, teachers or students even to professionals who need a platform from which to create videos and upload them to the Internet to share with the world.

To create a video, first of all, is to register with FlexClip. Among the available options, you can use your Facebook, Google or an email account.

Once registered, you can start creating a project immediately. You have to add the media that you will use in the video, from your hard drive or through FlexClip’s stock media where millions of photos, videos, and audio tracks are available.

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In the editing screen, everything that is important about FlexClip is concentrated, since it is from there, you can edit the videos to your liking. From a storyboard, you can sort and place the pieces at your whim. The best thing is that the changes can be seen in real time with the help of the player in the middle.


When you finish the editing process, and if you are satisfied with the result, FlexClip gives you the possibility to download it directly to your computer. FlexClip is totally free and offers plenty of editing functions. You can save videos of up to 1080p.

As you can see, creating a video with FlexClip is easy and relatively quick, compared to similar tools. If you want to work with a lot of videos, try your first step with FlexClip.

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