Tip to Download Facebook Videos without any Addon or Extension

There are addons (or extensions) for everything that you do on browsers. These addons make it easier doing some tasks like downloading videos from websites like Facebook, YouTube, so on. But some times it is better to do some tasks in geek’s style without the help of any addon. That is what we are going to see here.

When you want to download a video on your Facebook Timeline, click on the minutes link (29 mins) just below the title.


It will take you to the page where video is posted. Now add (m.) in the place of (www.) in the url field of your browser and click Enter key on your keyboard.

Change the url from https://www.facebook.com to https://m.facebook.com.

You can see that mobile version of Facebook is opened on your browser window. Now press Ctrl + S to save the video or do a right click on the video to see save video option.


Are there any other ways of doing same let me know in the comments.

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