Try Linux (distros) operating system online before installing

Linux distros are considered as alternatives to the Windows operating system and are also free to download and use. Have you ever thought you can try Linux distros like Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, CentOS, Fedora, Slackware openSUSE, etc online before installing on your system? Now you can try these distros online in your browser.

The website that I am talking about is DistroTest. DistroTest contains a total of 219 operating systems and 628 versions. You can find from latest versions to older versions of distros on this website.

You can use this website to test all functions like install an operating system, format hard drive, install, uninstall software, test installed programs, etc. You can use it like it is on your own system. I am inserting some images taken while testing the Linux operating system on LinuxDistro website.

Ubuntu starting
Ubuntu try install
Ubuntu desktop

When using the operating system on the browser there is a lag in cursor moment because the operating system is on the remote server. This is unique and moreover, no other website is providing this kind of free service. The LinuxDistro website is privately funded and advertisement driven.

If you ever wish to install Linux distro on your system then this site is must try.

Try LinuxDistro :

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