TunesToTube – Upload MP3 Audio With Image To YouTube Easily

There are many tools on the web with which we can create videos and upload them directly to YouTube channel. Today we are going to see another simple webapp through which you can create video with just mp3 audio and image file, it is called TunesToTube.

tunestotube create video from image mp3

With TunesToTube you can publish conference, padcast, talk, musical theme or voice narration to YouTube channel.

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TunesToTube Features:
1. Free Web application.
2. No need of installation or downloads.
3. No need to download the generated output video. Upload directly from the site itself.
4. Easy to use.

How To Use TunesToTube:
Once you visit the site you need to login into site using your Google account. Which allows the site to directly deal with YouTube site. Fill all the necessary fields and send the video to your YouTube channel.

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