Water Marquee – Free Webapp to Add Watermark to pictures/images

Watermarking is very important for content providers to show that it is the property of, or it is created or made by or belongs to certain organisation. So that other people cannot copy and use it as their own in their publications. You can see this type of watermarking’s on images and videos on popular websites and blogs.


There are many tools on the web which can add watermark to images but here in this article we are talking about a free webapp which will add watermark to images right on your browser, no need to install any software or register and login into site. It is called Water Marquee.

Features of Water Marquee

1. Water Marquee is free to add watermark on pictures and images.
2. It is free to use directly in browser, no need to install any application.
3. No need to register for using this webapp.
4. You can add text watermark to the image and can adjust font size, choose colour, etc.
5. Add transparent logo as watermark to your image by uploading it to webapp.
6. Easily export your image with watermark.

How to use Water Marquee

It’s a simple webapp, there is no need of any instructions on how to use it, you will easily get idea on how it works. Just play around with buttons and you will get it.

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