Windows 10 Lean x86-x64 Bootable ISO Download

Windows 10 Lean is a cut-down version of Windows 10 intended for low configuration tablets and PCs.

Normally Windows 10 occupies 12GB+ of hard disk space but this installer occupies half of it ie 6.5GB of hard disk space. The installer is around 2GB smaller than Windows 10 Pro.

This Windows 10 Lean version is stripped off 50,000 files when compared to normal Windows 10 Pro. 175MB is bundled apps and games, other things such as drivers, programs, and wallpaper are removed.

This version of Windows 10 lean is intended for a tablet with 16GB of storage space. The operating system is buggy so it is better to try it out in a virtual machine first.

Download Windows 10 Lean

64bit Windows 10 ISO and 32bit Windows 10 ISO

x86 ISO

x64 ISO