[Workaround] Upgrading To Firefox Quantum Makes Some Add-ons To No Longer Work

In previous years Firefox had lost most of its user base to Chrome browser, but this is not the same with the release of Firefox Quantum. The dynamics have changed, faster loading time, less memory consumption than the Chrome browser made an impact on the existing Chrome user base. Everybody is looking to migrate from Chrome to Quantum browser.

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Popular Add-ons No Longer Work

While the Quantum browser provides a better browsing experience, it also made many popular add-ons to no longer compatible. If you have valuable data stored in your favorite add-ons then this should be a big setback, you will no longer be able to access your data. To get back the data, the only solution is to downgrade to previous version and export all your data.

Downgrade To Firefox 56 To Get Back Data Stored In Add-ons

If you are worried that Quantum no longer supports your favorite add-ons? Don’t worry, you can downgrade your browser to previous version so you get back your data stored in add-ons. Download Firefox 56 from Mozilla FTP directory.

Or simply wait for the developer to upgrade their add-ons to be compatible with Quantum.

Workaround To Try New Quantum Without Losing Data

Export all your add-on’s data and upgrade your browser to latest version which is Firefox Quantum. Now install Firefox 56, the previous version of Firefox browser in a different directory in program files. Close Firefox Quantum browser and open Firefox 56 which you have installed. Install your favorite add-on and import all the data that is exported. This way you can use both browsers.

Remember that you must not run Quantum and Firefox 56 at a time to avoid problems. You must first close one browse and then open another one.


Hope you like these tips on how to avoid losing important data in add-ons and to try new Quantum browser using workaround. If you have any other ways of doing this let me know in the comments.

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