YouTube Tips & Tricks You Always Wanted To Know

Do you know YouTube has the second greatest reach after Facebook in terms of general usage? The word YouTube has become synonym for videos. Just think of YouTube all kinds of different videos come to your mind. The site is so friendly so smooth that the videos uploaded get huge hits.

Even after being so familiar with the site, most of the people are not aware of the awesome tricks it has to offer. Like the ones listed here.

1. How to Hide YouTube Comments in Chrome and Firefox

YouTube comments has become a sort of troll-box of funny comments and that they don’t add any value to the video you are viewing. So the site recommends you a third party addon called Hide Fedora which is available for Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox to hide the comments on YouTube.

2. How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube

By default on YouTube website you will see white theme, but you can enable dark mode or night mode on YouTube in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Although Google has not officially launched this option still you can use it on YouTube. To get this done you do not need to use any third party software, browser extension or addon. Its just a code you need to add in your browser console.

3. You Can Make Donations To Charities Directly From YouTube Using Donation Cards

YouTube introduced a new feature called Donation Cards which makes it easy to make donations to non profit organisations directly in the video itself so the donors wouldn’t need to navigate multiple pages. Although this feature is limited to US viewers only. It might take some time to see it in your country.

4. How to Search for YouTube Video While Watching Another

This feature you should have seen in YouTube Android app, where the current watching video moves to the bottom of the screen when you press back button. This feature can be achieved in Google Chrome browser using an extension called YouTube Picture in Picture. Which is currently in beta version still you can download and use it.

5. How to Watch YouTube Video While Doing Other Tasks in Chrome

Well, you can do this if you have multiple monitors but that is not the case here. You can still do it on your single screen by using an extension called SidePlayer in Chrome. You can watch any video and do other tasks simultaneously. A small video player will be added to your browser which can be resized and moved to any location on your browser. Video will play even if you open other tabs on your Chrome browser.

6. How to Use Google Chrome as Music Player of YouTube

At first this may not seem so difficult to achieve, you can listen to any video just by playing it on YouTube. But what if the video is in 720p? It will definitely costs you your broadband data plan. So keeping in mind these issues you can go for an extension called Streamus. Which will turn your Chrome browser into a music player without showing you video but playing only audio on YouTube.

7. How Multiple People Can Collaborate On A Single YouTube Channel

Not many people know about this feature which you can use to allow multiple people to upload videos to single YouTube channel. This feature is in your YouTube account settings, which is an email address to which your partner can mail their videos from mobile phone.

8. YouTube Launches Social Pages for Websites And Here is Your Guide for Optimizing Video Content for Search Engines

Google is currently crawling websites, forums, and other sites where the user had embedded YouTube videos. If the crawler finds useful content along with embedded YouTube videos then that website will have a special “As seen on YouTube” link on YouTube video page. If it is a blog then the blog post will also be featured on YouTube with a link back to it.

9. Always Play YouTube Videos in High Definition Mode, When Viewing in Full Screen

Sometimes when viewing YouTube videos in full screen the videos may appear blurred and distorted. To fix this issue you can adjust your settings to view YouTube videos in high definition if you want.

10. How to And How Not to Auto Loop Or Auto Play YouTube Videos

Here you will see how does a auto play work on YouTube and how to disable it. And how to use auto loop feature and how to use it.

11. How to Jump to a Specific part of a YouTube Video with a Neat Trick

Just by changing the YouTube video embed URL parameters you can jump to a specific part of a video. You can also use a third party website (URL given in the above linked article) for the same purpose.

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